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About the Creators of EZStay 

Worldwide, the hospitality industry has been one of the most adversely affected sectors since the onset of the pandemic. Most of the industry is preparing for recovery on all fronts, financial, operational and marketing standpoint.  Occupancy rates for many Hotels have dropped from >80% to circa 21%.  Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) – is at an all-time low. New investments are on hold in anticipation of the new market developments. The global travel ecosystem is down with a significant impact on the world economy.

EZStay has been designed and developed to address this situation for hotel and resort owners worldwide. It is an ingenious app that can be personalised to any brand and adapted to suit every hotel’s unique set of services.  Moreover, given consumers are choosy about the apps that they should keep, our tamper-proof QR code-based solution is far superior to a mobile app and more cost-effective in the long run. This is a vital differentiator that makes EZstay the right solution for the best guest experience.

EZStay is conceptualised, designed, developed, owned and maintained by British based, Atula™ Technologies Ltd. We are a one-stop shop for creative, design, digital, development and analytics solutions. We are passionate and committed to creating innovative products that will help businesses become more resilient, sustainable and profitable. EZStay is our industry solution for the Hospitality Sector worldwide.

For more details about Atula™, visit https://www.atulatech.com.


Other services coming soon

Based on our strategic partnership with Vicinity RFID Solutions UK, we have launched real-time Linen Management, Asset Management, Inventory Tracking and other ingenious solutions for the Hospitality sector, which enable the following
  1. Give full control over their inventory
  2. Optimise spend in Linen and other assets
  3. Enjoy unprecedented cost savings
  4. Eliminate shrinkage, theft and fraud
  5. Free up and optimise staff time for vale added work
For more information on Vicinity RFID Solutions UK, visit https://www.vicinityrfid.co.uk