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About EZStay 

We all know that the travel and Hospitality Industry were the most severely impacted during the pandemic. Although (fingers crossed) the worst is behind us, a lot has changed in the way we now travel and enjoy our vacations.

EzStay has been designed to help the hospitality industry continue to deliver great experiences to their guests, in the much preferred contactless fashion. Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar) and occupancy rates need no longer be impacted by unexpected events!

Our intuitive platform, built for staff combined with the web based mobile application available for guests can be personalised to suit any brand. And before you ask – YES, it can be personalised to your individual set of offerings and services.

EZStay is conceptualised, designed, developed, owned and maintained by UK based,  Atula™ Technologies Ltd. We are a one-stop shop for creative, design, digital, development and analytics solutions. We are passionate and committed to creating innovative products that will help businesses become more resilient, sustainable and profitable. EZStay is our industry solution for the Hospitality Sector worldwide.

For more details about Atula™, visit https://www.atulatech.com.

Other services

Based on our strategic partnership with Vicinity RFID Solutions UK, we can also provide real-time Linen Management, Asset Management and Inventory Tracking  for the Hospitality sector, which enable the following
  1. Give full control over your inventory
  2. Optimise spend on Linen and other assets
  3. Enjoy unprecedented cost savings
  4. Eliminate shrinkage, theft and fraud
  5. Free up and optimise staff time For more information on Vicinity RFID Solutions UK, visit https://www.vicinityrfid.co.uk