EZStay™ Solutions – The Number 1 Platform for Exceptional, Contactless Guest Experience

Try to remember the last time you checked into a hotel or resort. Was it a flawless, seamless, and unquestionably comfortable experience throughout the entire duration of your stay? Or, like the vast majority of customers to the hospitality industry, did you face some frustrating inconveniences along the way? Be it from the long wait in the queue at check-in, the shortage of necessary linen, the demagnetised key-card, or of course, the worst of them all, an inadequate quantity of tea-making supplies! Have you been left listening to the dial tone on the room-service phones when calling to ask for your various requirements, resulting in you unwillingly making your way back down to reception to enquire again about your requests? Well, there’s no doubt that all of these issues chipaway at your overall experience, and that the more they repeat over time, the more off-putting the idea of checking into a hotel/resort again can be!

However, almost equally challengingly, it takes a lot of resources, staff, time, and effort to be able to attend to each and every one of a hotelier’s or resort manager’s guests with a guaranteed, successful solution in mind at all times.

Now just for a moment, imagine a perfectly streamlined experience with a way in which guests can have any queries resolved, requests attended to, and services provided, with just a few clicks of a
button on their very own mobile devices.

Allow me to introduce EZStay™ Solutions – The Ultimate, Contactless Guest Experience Platform.With a web app for guests and an admin console for Hotel operations to configure the services suchas concierge, housekeeping, room service and many more, it is the perfect solution that makes the life of both parties much easier! The ability to personalise the platform with your brand is another aspect granted by EZStay™, which can be integrated to any PMS system through APIs. As ahospitality business, you can leverage the in-built AI-driven engine in EZStay™ to provide insightful

and predictive analytics on key performance indicators, as well as intuitive dashboards such as RevPAR, Occupancy rate, service-wise revenue, and more. You can also drill down KPIs by property, clusters, country, region and any other parameters that are important to you.

What are the benefits to Hoteliers?

  • Single Platform for digitising access to all services for guests 24 x 7
  • Fully configurable platform
  • Fully featured app customisable with your own hotel brand
  • Suitable for all: from boutiques all the way to large hotel chains
  • Can integrate to any PMS through APIs
  • SaaS Subscription or On-premise commercial options
  • Create and upsell new services to increase RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room
  • Integrate your guest experience with social media
  • Increase and maintain high room occupancy rates and many more.

What are the benefits to Guests?

  • Contactless experience from Check-in, to Check-out, and everything in between
  • Request for services such as concierge, room service, etc. as in a typical Luxury hotel
  • 24 x 7 access to services through Guest self-service menu
  • Live Chat with various hotel departments as necessary during the stay for prompt response
  • Request for bill-split (Personal and Business/ professional)
  • Digital invoice, Digital Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Instant in-app feedback for experience + instant social media share up on checkout.

EZStay™ offers a choice of service tiers, depending on the size and scale of your business. So whether you are a Boutique, Elite or Luxury brand, this platform can be set up in a way that gives you the best business outcomes regardless. Here’s how EZStay™ works in 6 simple steps:

  1. When guests arrive at your Hotel/ Property, they head straight to one of the check-in kiosks in the lobby. Using their phone camera, they can scan the QR code to pull their reservation details. Simple…without the need to download any apps onto their phone.

  2. A screen with your Hotel’s logo will pop up, prompting the customer to enter their booking reference confirmed by e-mail after their online booking.

  3. The guest booking details will be displayed on the screen prompting them to proceed to the next step of identity verification.

  4. Guests can scan any photo ID as proof using their phone camera. The next step would be to pass through some verifications to confirm the same card details (used for booking) to enable digital checkout. A digital room key (optional) can be provided as the final step.

  5. Once the guests have checked in, they can access all configurable services offered by your Hotel/property under various categories to increase RevPAR and Occupancy. The QR code for your property will be placed in all rooms and other service areas within your property.

  6. Every service (e.g. Concierge, Housekeeping, Room Service etc.) that is offered in the real world by hoteliers is fully configurable, enabling maximum scalability and flexibility. Checking out at the end of their stay couldn’t be easier with the use of their existing digital payment gateway, enabled by clicking “check-out” within the main menu. A PDF bill can be e-mailed to the guests upon successful payment. Integration to trust pilot/social media channels or Google reviews would allow for reviews to be shared in real-time after every service experience, after check-out or both.

EZStay™ is conceptualised, designed, developed, owned and maintained by the UK based company, Atula™ Technologies Ltd. We are a one-stop shop for creative, design, digital, development and
analytics solutions. We are passionate and committed to creating innovative products that will help businesses become more resilient, sustainable, and profitable. EZStay™ is our industry solution for the Hospitality Sector worldwide. Ask for a free, no-obligation demo of our EZStay™ platform today and see how this amazing guest experience system can work wonders for your business.